Empowering Women


In 2009, Doma began a collaborative partnership with the Franklin County Municipal Court’s CATCH Court, presided by Judge Herbert. Whereas CATCH (Changing Actions to Change Habits) provides intensive probation and services to help victims exit prostitution (rescue), Doma established an approach using holistic community-based services to rehabilitate (restore) these women. Freedom a la Cart is the final component in the rehabilitation process (economic self- sufficiency). Collectively, CATCH, Doma, and Freedom a la Cart provide an innovative and successful solution to the crime of human trafficking. In early 2014, Doma and Freedom a la Cart merged, combining the restoration and economic self-sufficiency through one harmonious brand — Freedom a la Cart.

We believe that women who have lived in slavery should be empowered to gain freedom through economic independence. We journey with survivors of human trafficking, providing comprehensive community-based treatment programs as well employment and workforce development through Freedom a la Cart.

With the merging of the two brands, all information about our services will be displayed through the Freedom a la Cart website.

This website will be discontinued at the end of August 2014.